On Tuesday 27th February 2015 Amnesty International/RRSA members visited the Queen Margaret University for a harrowing yet beneficial event to keep alive the memory of those involved in the Holocaust.  The event was very inspiring whilst tackling such a challenging subject.  During the day we learnt about the millions of people who died during the Holocaust and also about those that tragically lost their lives in subsequent genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovia, Darfur and the Armenian Genocide.

We had the opportunity to listen to talks from the following people:  Judy Russell, the daughter of Ernest Levy , a Holocaust survivor, a descendent of a man in the Armenian genocide and the grand-daughter of a woman who was in the Holocaust and man who visited Auschwitz whilst visiting Krakow.  All of these talks were shocking in their own way but also filled with hope and encouragement to use the lessons of the past to create a fairer and better future.

Overall, it was an incredible event which deeply moved all of us.  We would like to thank Queen Margaret University for allowing us to be there and give the introduction to the event and also to the RMPS teachers for taking us and being so supportive.

By Hamish Hastie, Kyra Rothon, Emily Russell, Isla Booth, Mairi Adair, Anna Horsburgh,  Caitrin Aylward, Megan Vischer, Boz Squires, Saoirse Murphy Collett, Mollie Hastie, Zuzia Wei and Georgia Kerr.