It feels natural to continue the theme of planets this week as the night sky has been so clear and in the early morning at 0600 when I am walking my dog on the beach I have been able to see the waning crescent moon and Saturn (the bringer of old age), Venus (the bringer of peace) and Jupiter (the bringer of jollity).

Pupils staff and I had fun on Tuesday when I took the German Masterclass and the theme was animals. I found a useful and amusing video that explained how some of the animal names are put together: Hund – dog, Seehund – sea dog = seal; Fisch – fish, Tintenfisch – ink fish =  squid. But my favourite was Schnecke – snail and Nacktschnecke – naked snail = slug J All pupils responded very well to my lack of expertise and Mr Gilmour chuckled on his return and explained that he was going to teach domestic animals! It’s a perpetual learning curve for me! Read more here...Newsletter 01.02.19