Pupils have returned after a refreshing February break aided by the unseasonably warm weather, and there is a sense of busyness across Meadowpark as we settle back into routines, plan ahead for visits and engage with partner providers to develop and enhance learning experiences.

I was delighted to catch sight of a Twitter feed on my phone last night stating that Haddington Area Partnership have approved funding for Meadowpark and Knox Academy request for an Art Therapist. I have just received the final details of this and am overwhelmed with relief that we can offer this significant service to an increased number of pupils in Meadowpark and Knox Academy. Having previously received funding from Dunbar and East Linton AP, Preston Seton and Gosford AP and  Fa’Side AP we can fully concentrate on creating a bespoke provision with high quality resources.

Having seen the positive impact of Art Therapy for several of our pupils I am thrilled that we are able to offer this service across a broad range of need and I am happy to share the experience of one pupil again Read more here...Newsletter 22.02.19