We are hugely grateful to Miss Laudi from Knox Academy Eco-Committee for providing us with a wealth of information, motivation and opportunities to consider our own responsibility in Meadowpark to our community and wider society in relation to reducing our reliance on plastic.

Tyne class concluded the week with a thought provoking assembly which highlighted just how much plastic we have around us in school. From chairs, DVDs, trays, pens, glue sticks, telephones and computers we have become possibly over-reliant on this product which we discovered enters the eco-system, including our bodies as BPA (bisphenol A) which is an industrial chemical that has been used as an element of polycarbonate plastics used to make food containers and plastic bottles since the 1960s. Although safe in very low levels there has been increased awareness of BPA possibly leeching into the food chain and can have possible health effects on brain development and possibly behaviour. Read more here ...Newsletter 15.03.19