This week we were able to take delivery of a fantastic trike which was procured as a result of one of our teachers, Mr Morrison participating in the 13km Foxtrail race on 3rd November. Having previously taken ownership of an adapted trike that was kindly donated by one of our parents; we have witnessed how important it is that all pupils have the opportunity to practice their cycling skills. For some the 2 wheeled bike is just a bit tricky, and therefore an adult sized 3 wheeler is ideal.  Pupils who might ordinarily be a bit shy about participating in strenuous activities have been quite vocal about wanting a turn.

After much fund –raising and saving we are on the verge of having a trampoline put into the playground. This trampoline is designed to be robust enough to withstand many years of bouncing and is fully surrounded by safety rubber. We are delighted that Roy Auld from Proludic has maintained an excellent working relationship not only with ELC and Meadowpark and has had opportunities to meet pupils and staff in order to glean what would work for them. Read more here...Newsletter 03.05.19