The Musselburgh Area Partnership recently launched their second Participatory Budgeting initiative. This initiative provides the communities of Musselburgh,Old Craighall, Wallyford and Whitecraig the opportunity to put forward projects for funding which they feel would have an impact on POVERTY and REDUCING INEQUALITIES in the community. The Musselburgh Area Partnership committed £20,000 to this project along with a further £45,000 which was successfully bid for from the Scottish Governments Community Choices fund. In total £65,000 is available to fund projects.

This initiative was launched on 3 December 2018 and the final date for application is Thursday 31 January 2019. All projects which meet the guidance criteria will go forward to a public vote in March and those projects which acquire the most votes up to the maximum of total £65,000 will be funded.

To help the community understand exactly what Participatory Budgeting (PB) is, a short film to explain what PB is and how it works has been commissioned

if anyone has a query or would like to meet to discuss ideas to contact Caroline Davies, Community Learning and Development on 0131 653 4071 or by email.

The film, application process and guidance can be found on the Musselburgh Area Partnership website.