As part of the S1 Business Education course, pupils have used their business skills and knowledge to set up their own Deli Cafe which will sell a variety of soups, sandwiches and smoothies.

In the week beginning Monday 11 May they will be making their soups, sandwiches and smoothies, using their own ingredients, in the Home Economics Department.  We would like to invite you to come in and watch each group in your child’s class present about their business and, more importantly, to taste the produce on offer.

A letter has been sent home 'pupil-post'.

Dates and times for each class are as follows:

1T3 – Tuesday 12 May at 9.55 am

1T2 – Tuesday 12 May at 12.08 pm

1L1 – Wednesday 13 May at 12.08 pm

1G1 – Thursday 14 May at 9.55 am

1G2 – Thursday 14 May at 9.55 am

1T1 – Thursday 14 May at 3.01 pm

1L2 – Friday 15 May at 11.06 am

We are very excited about this new Project and we are keen for parents to come in and support the pupils in their new business. 

Please complete the slip in the letter and return it to your child’s Business Education teacher by Friday 1 May 2015.

R Flood