All S1 pupils are reminded that next week w/c 15 May 2017 that they will be in Food & Health making their Soup, Sandwiches or Smoothies during their Business Education class (and one lesson before or after).  It is vital (as emphasised in class) that every group member knows what is expected of them in advance and on the day.

Groups should ensure that ingredients are brought in the day before (clearly labelled) and these will be stored in Food & Health.  Groups may wish to purchase items required individually, or make a small contribution to one group member who does all the purchasing.  Remember some items may already be available at home.  This is not designed as an 'expensive' exercise.

This week, Business Education rooms will be available to those who require facilities in school to practice or put finishing touches to presentations (details at the back of the workbook).

AN INVITATION:  If you didn't receive an invitation home (all pupils were given a letter), parents/carers are invited into Food & Health to sample products made and to listen to presentations in the second period of the class's time in Food & Health.  Check with your son/daughter: this will either be Period 2, Period 4 or Period 6.  Thank-you to all those who have already expressed interest in attending.