School Day Timings

As you know, we have been carrying out a 5-week pilot of changed school day timings, with a shortened lunch break and an earlier finish. Thank you to all those parents and carers who shared their opinions on the change: 53% of parents who responded prefer the new timing; 33% of parents who responded prefer the original timing; other respondents do not feel strongly about it either way. Staff who responded are 100% in favour of the new timing. Pupil feedback has come via talking to pupils informally around the school at lunchtime and via register classes: pupils’ opinions are mixed but, overall, more register classes are in favour of the change than against it. What is very noticeable is that pupils are now more positive about the new timing than they were before we started the pilot. One of their concerns - not having enough time to eat their lunch in 45 minutes - has not been the problem they expected for most pupils. The other concern was that there would not be as much time for lunchtime activities. Of course this is the case, but pupils report that, generally, they have already got used to the shorter time.

Taking account of all the feedback, we have decided that we will continue with the 45 minute lunch break and the school finish of 3.50 pm for the rest of the school session. 

Thank you again to all parents and carers who took the time to provide feedback.