This term the social subjects have been involved in many activities, showing the wide range of opportunities that these subjects offer to pupils throughout their time at Knox Academy. The vast range of interdisciplinary learning and skills that pupils acquire within these subjects is invaluable to their progress within school and in the future. Here are a list of some of the exciting trips and projects pupils have been working on within the social subjects leading up to Christmas.

Business and Admininstration

Coca Cola Real Business Challenge - The S2’s have been working hard on the ‘Coca Cola Real Business Challenge’ this term which involves students from S2 forming a company and developing a new sustainable healthy juice brand. The overall winners were Jungle Juice from 2G1 which included Tom Wilson, Jamie Gilkison, Finn Samuel, Jonathan Carruthers, Dylan Glass, Sarah Turner and Rosie Greenshields. Their entry has been sent into Coca Cola, well done!

Pantomime Trip - This month Mr Dempster has been busy organising a whole school trip for anyone that wished to attend to Edinburgh, to see this year’s King’s Theatre pantomime, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.

Musselburgh Grammar School Link - Lastly, 4th years have been involved in linking and communicating with Musselburgh Grammar school. They have written to Miss Weir’s S3 class and so far have responded to customer complaints and designed registration forms and posters for a swimming gala. They look forward to further cooperation with them after the New Year.


Haddington Urban Fieldtrip - Within geography, S4 pupils attended the National 3, 4 and 5 urban fieldtrip into Haddington. Pupils carried out traffic counts, pedestrian surveys, questionnaires and fieldsketches to assist them with their added value unit. 
Edinburgh Urban Fieldtrip - The Highers participated in an urban fieldtrip to Edinburgh to look at the Central Business District in Princes Street and the Royal Mile. They then took a trip down to Leith to study the Inner City. Pupils carried out traffic counts, pedestrian surveys amongst other techniques.

Kindroggan Fieldtrip and John Gray Centrre - Advanced Highers have been busy as well, taking part in a 3 day fieldtrip to Kindroggan. Pupils carried out physical fieldwork which included soil sampling and studying the river. Pupils then analysed the data back in the classroom. Miss Jeffrey recently organised a trip to the John Gray Centre to help them increase their research skills, which will benefit them in their further education after school.


S3 Trenches – Pupils in S3 have been busy this term learning about WWI and creating trenches out of different materials based on what they learnt throughout the course about the conditions that soldiers had to suffer.

S1 Stirling Fieldtrip - The Advanced Higher pupils have been particularly busy in History with their annual trip to Stirling where they saw many famous Scottish landmarks such as Stirling Bridge, Cambuskenneth Abbey, Bannockburn Centre and Stirling Castle.

Scottish School Medieval History Conference – Advanced Highers also attended the Scottish School Medieval History Conference at Stewart's Melville College.

The Poland Auschwitz Project - It was great to see Lucy Couperwhite and Adam Linton Main represent Knox on the Lessons from Auschwitz Project attending a one day trip to the concentration camp in Poland.

Modern Studies

Advanced Higher Interviews - Within Modern Studies the AH class have been working hard on their dissertations which has included interviewing MSP Graham Pearson and MP George Kerevan. They have also interviewed someone from the Scottish Prison Service, MELDAP (Mid and East Lothian Drug and Alcohol Partnership) and Community Police Officer, Lynn Black. This has strengthened the bonds that the school have with the local community.


Edinburgh Central Mosque - The National 5 class visited Edinburgh Central Mosque in October. Pupils learned a lot from visiting this place of worship and discussing the Islamic belief system with a practising Muslim.

Samye Ling - The Higher class visited the Buddhist monastery in the borders for a couple of days in November. The pupils benefitted from seeing a Buddhist community and from being able to talk to both lay and ordained Buddhists about their course.

Write for Rights - Core classes from S1-S5 have engaged in write for rights again over the last couple of weeks. Write for Rights is our annual campaign to achieve justice through writing a card or letter to someone whose human rights have been violated in some way. This year we focus on girls forced into marriage in Burkina Faso and on discrimination and prejudice against homosexuality.

S1 Nativity Scenes – Pupils have been working hard on creating the most imaginative nativity scenes, which have included baking cakes, building lego and tapestry pillows.