Haddington | Directory

As part of the Young Enterprise Programme, Team Rise are making great headway with their website.

We aim to promote the smaller businesses and better known ones in our town as well as creating a fantastic website for potential customers locally and further afar customers in Edinburgh.  Haddington | Directory has all the information you might need, ranging from detailed information on all of the products offered, to photos from each angle of the store. 

Currently the website is complete with the Winter season’s businesses who have signed up.  Why not take a visit to a health and beauty salon you never knew existed, or browse through one of our gift stores for the perfect present?  We have a great range of shops grouped together on one website and we hope that there is something for everyone, whether your passion is sport or clothes or bathrooms!

Our website is and is waiting to be explored.

Emma Lynas, Tom Gates, Andrew Wright, Olivia Hansen, Lewis Wilkie, Phillippa Jackson and Bruce Halloran
S6 Pupils