This week has seen the launch of our new School Bells system, and from observing the movement throughout school, this seems to be working well. We will consult staff and pupils near the end of November to decide whether we retain this approach.

S4, S5 and S6 Prelims

Parents and pupils will receive a letter today about the arrangements for prelims this year and the timetable will be issued early on next week. Those young people who have Alternative Assessment Arrangements (AAA) in place will be supported with these during their prelims too. There are lots of study sessions available to support senior pupils and I would encourage them to attend these to help them prepare for these and their final SQA exams.

Senior Phase Study Support

As well as our in-school study support sessions E-Sgoil is also offering evening study support sessions (which commenced on Monday 6 September 2021), targeted support for learners and, looking ahead, provision during the Easter holidays is already being planned.  A significant number of our young people have already signed up to the evening study support sessions but it would be good if we could encourage all senior phase pupils to do this. Spreading study across the year is more advantageous than last minute cramming for exams.

Reports – S4

These will be issued next week and report on your young person’s achievement of a level, their effort, behaviour and home learning. In response to the survey that parents/carers and pupils completed in May, we have taken note of your feedback and changed our report to reflect this. Reports will now give one positive and two targets for pupils to help them focus on their next steps.  The Curriculum section of our website will detail the content of courses to allow parents/carers to be able to see the work being covered in each term rather than reports going in to this detail. Any feedback you have on the reports would be most welcome via the tear-off slips included in the reports.

DYW Big Parents Event  | Skills Development Scotland

By booking on the link parents can either watch on the night or at a time that works for you. 

Attendance Policy for Young People – East Lothian Council

Public consultation on ELCs draft attendance policy: Included, Engaged and Involved. A Positive Approach to Promoting Attendance School Attendance is now open until 16th November 2021. Please do have a read of this and have your say on it. Thanks.

Parents and Pupils’ News - COP26 Glasgow

Between the 31st October and 12th November COP26 is taking place in Glasgow.  Here countries are gathering to forge a response to the climate emergency we all face. To stand a chance of limiting global average temperature increase to just 1.5C we need to rapidly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we create as humans.  COP26 will give politicians and countries direction and boundaries however many are looking inward in the knowledge that we need to act now rather than waiting for politicians to talk.

What is/has been happening over the two weeks at Knox Academy:

  • Teachers have been encouraged to discuss this important issue in class and some staff will also be delivering lessons relating to COP26 and the climate emergency.
  • Registration teachers have access to a set of resources which may be shared over the course of the COP26 talks.

COP26 Links:

Attached below are links where you may find out a little more about COP26:

COP26 Pupil - Ambition and Success

At the end of October Anya Boardman in S3 applied to Young Scott (YS Hive) be a COP26 Local Champion.  Anya made it to the interview stage and was selected on 29th October to be one of 9 local champions.  As an ambassador she will be tasked with supporting local events, promoting COP26 themes in the community and sharing young people’s efforts.  A fantastic opportunity to work with other young people within and beyond our school and wider community.  Well done Anya!

Scotland's Biggest Parent's Evening (SBPE)

To launch SBPE 2021, DYW Scotland will deliver a National Launch Event on Monday 15 November at 7pm, lasting approximately 25 – 30 minutes. Messaging responds to a survey of over 880 parents. This year contributors will cover the Young Person’s Guarantee, Labour Market Information (LMI) in Scotland (with a focus on green jobs and skills) and support for ASN schools and pupils. Contributions will include Skills Development Scotland and Enable Scotland

Saturday Football

This is now back up and running at the 3G pitch in Haddington. Gates open at the 3G on a Saturday at 7pm-9pm. Pupils can bring some cash as the club are looking to open the tuck shop too. Haddington FC is also opening the gates on a Friday 1pm-4pm, giving access to all Knox pupils for somewhere to play football


Please continue to report all positive Covid-19 cases to covidinschools@eastlothian.gov.uk or if you do not have access to email, telephone 01875 613921. Please also inform the school so we can amend your young person’s attendance record. Pupils should continue to do twice weekly LFD tests. LFD kits are available every morning on arrival to school and during the day from the office. They can also be collected from pharmacies and test centres.

Please do not send pupils to school who have symptoms. They should self-isolate and book a PCR test and not return to school until they know this is negative and they have no symptoms.

The Parent Club also provides useful information on testing for pupils.

Dates for you diary (please also see the School Calendar for overview and updates):

Thursday 11 November – S4 Reports Issued

Tuesday 23 November – S3 Parents’ Consultation (virtual) – 5-7pm

Thursday 25 November – S5/6 Reports Issued

Thursday 25 November – Friday 10 December – S4/5/6 Prelims

Wednesday 8 December – S2 Parents’ Consultation (virtual) – 5-7pm

Thursday 9 December – Parent Council (virtual) – 6.30-8pm

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe if you are going out to any Bonfire/Firework displays.

Sue Cook

Please also remember to follow us at: www.ka-net.org.uk for the latest information and updates