School Uniform

As it gets colder outside and classrooms remain well ventilated, it would be good to plan for this in terms of layering up.   We would like to suggest that in preparation for this that young people be able to wear a plain black fleece in classes (not hooded tops – as we have a no hooded top policy at the school for health and safety reasons). This plain black fleece can be a half or full zip. This will also mean that our young people still have a jacket they can put on top for going outdoors to keep warm. As young people are all wearing face coverings in social areas and corridors it is also important that they are wearing our school uniform as this is the easiest way to check that all in the school are indeed members of  Knox Academy.  As I said in my email last week, sports leggings or leggings are acceptable for social wear but they are not appropriate dress code for school and I would ask parents/carers to ensure pupils wear our full school uniform – black or white shirt/school tie/ black trousers or skirt and black shoes or plain black trainers. This ensures equity for all and ensures that we are all buying in to a common purpose, which is being proud to represent the Knox Academy community.  It also keeps a uniform which is functional and not necessarily fashionable, albeit young people can still put their own personality on it in terms of the styles of clothing they wear. I would also hope that this approach support parents/carers in not having to fork out for the most expensive and latest gear. Thank you again for your support with all of this and making Knox Academy a place where pupils are proud of their school and wear their uniform with pride.


We will welcome students to the school at the start of November for six weeks in English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, PE and RMPS

Health and Safety at school

Just a short reminder that any pupil showing Covid-19 symptoms must not attend school and you can book a test online at www.nhsinform.scot or by telephoning 0800 028 2816. Only if this test is negative should the pupil return to school. If pupils have the common cold, they should still attend school if they feel well enough to do so. Some frequently asked questions about Covid-19, for parents/carers, have also been produced by the NHS and are well worth reading.

Please remember that if you are going abroad on holiday e.g. October break (or any other time) it is highly likely that you and your young person will have to self-isolate on return. Some countries are exempt from this, so you may not have to self-isolate at all if you travel to them. See the latest travel restrictions and list of exempt countries  (countries you can travel to without self-isolating) on Gov.Scot.

SQA Update – Exam Diet 2020-21

The Deputy First Minister announced on Wednesday a number of measures for the awarding of National Courses at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher in 2020-21. There will be no external assessment of National 5 courses this year – either by an exam or by coursework. However it is likely we will still do a prelim exam and some in class assessments under exam conditions to help support our gathering of estimates. Higher and Advanced Higher externally assessed exams, including the completion of coursework where appropriate, will remain as planned. There will also be contingency plans put in place for Higher and Advanced Higher exams just in case these cannot go ahead.  We will know more about this by February and will of course keep you posted. The full details of the DFM’s announcement can be found here. Please can I ask parents/carers to discuss this with your young people if they are in S4, S5 or S6?

I also held a virtual assembly with S4/5/6 to update them on all of this information on Thursday morning.  I also stressed the importance of pupils attending all classes and asking for support from their teachers to help their progress.   Our study clubs are up and running in most subject areas now so attending these will also support their progress. S4/5/6 will also receive their tracking reports at the end of next week and these will indicate pupils’ working grades and next steps in learning. Please can parents/carers spend some time discussing these with your young person. Thank you.

P7 Parents’ Information Evening

It was wonderful to have so many parents/carers and P7 pupils attend our virtual information evening. There were so many insightful questions from our P7s at the open question session at the end. We are very much looking forward to continuing to build these transition links as we go through the year and hopefully to have pupils up to the school at some point should we be able to do so. If you did miss the event, you can see it here.

Achievement Ties

Nominations close today and the Achievement Tie Committee will meet after the holidays to review all nominations and agree the outcome of these. All pupils who were nominated will receive a letter in regard to the outcome at the start of November.

Parent Council

If you would like to come along to our next Parent Council on Wednesday 28th October, please let Lesley Pirie (Chair) know by emailing her at parentcouncil@ka-net.org.uk so you can be invited to the virtual meeting. 

Dates for your diary

October break – 17th-26th (inclusive) for Pupils (17-25 for staff)

Parent Council – Wednesday 28th October – 6.15pm – 7.30pm (virtual)

S3 Parents’ Evening – Tuesday 3rd November - Google Meets (virtual) – 5-7pm

Have a lovely weekend

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Sue Cook