A Word from Miss Cook, Head Teacher

The weather has been the dominant element of this week. The rain has been relentless and all pupils are urged to dress appropriately for the weather. Our advice to pupils during inclement weather is to remain in school and accommodation is provided.

A major problem and concern this week has been the traffic in and out of the school campus, this has caused obstruction and 'traffic jams'. Please note: parents/carers must not bring their vehicles into the school area either to drop off or collect pupils, unless a prior arrangement has been made with the school.

East Lothian managed to hold the county sports, congratulations to all Knox competitors involved. It has been a busy week for the seniors with the Higher Education Convention and 2Moro's Drivers event.

A big thank you to the prefects who have been helping with the juniors during the inclement weather.

Fingers crossed for a dry week next week.

Best wishes,
JB Craig