Work for pupils who cannot access the school due to transport difficulties...

Pupils should be aware, that for many subjects, there are resources already available on this website which can assist in self-study...

The content below will be added to as more information becomes available:


English - Mr Swinney (S5)

Text on Outrages in Kent, Questions and Answers below.


Classics - Miss Adam

S3 Latin

Pupils should complete the additional exercises on page 70 of Ecce Romani Book 1.  They should also ensure that any unfinished exercises are now completed.

S3 Classical Studies

Pupils should aim to research the different rooms of a typical domus in Pompeii. 

Try to gather information and pictures of the following rooms – vestibulum (porch, vestibule); atrium (main room – don’t forget to look up impluvium and compluvium too); cubiculum (bedroom – bedrooms = cubicula); culina (kitchen); tablinum (study);peristylium (garden).

Standard Grade Latin

  • Pupils should remember that a  2nd draft of the Investigation is due in before Christmas.
  • Pupils should study Martial (Passage 12) and Catullus (Passage 13).  Both of these poems are in English.  Pupils should also attempt the questions which follow the poems.
  • Pupils can access past papers on the SQA website and aim to complete some Translation papers.

Standard Grade Classical Studies

  • Pupils should continue with the Investigating task.
  • Pupils should have a copy of the booklet ‘Athens in the 5th Century B.C. Part 3 Athens and Politics’.  They should read through this and attempt as many of the questions as possible.

Pupils who don’t have a copy of this booklet should use the internet or other available resources to research the following:-

The assembly (ecclesia)  You should try to find out about meetings of the assembly; who could attend; how often did they attend; what procedure did a meeting follow; who could speak.

  • Who was a polites and who was an idiotes?
  • What was the Pnyx?
  • Who were the Scythian Archers?  What was their job?
  • What is the situation in Scotland today both nationally and locally?
  • How are our thoughts and opinions shared at these levels?

Higher Latin

  • Pupils should study the Cicero and Virgil material ensuring that they can translate the prescription, understand the notes and have answered all of the questions.  Pupils should continue to translate the next 10 lines or so of the passages.  Help will be given on return to school.
  • Past papers are available on the SQA website to allow pupils to practise the Translation paper.
  •  Grammar exercises should also be completed in the booklet.


Geography - Mrs Barber

S3-S6 - should check the website for revision materials and useful links. 

S2 - should complete their Earth Forces Projects due in next week.


French - Mr Hutchinson and Mrs Cochrane

Any pupil who has not got their French book or jotter at home can log on to to access revision activities and games.

S1/2/3 should access the Beginners section and work on the topics within the 'Self and Family', The World around me', Everyday life' and 'Miscellaneous' sections. S4/5 classes should enter the Intermediate section and revise recent topic areas.

All work should start with the Présentation to review the basic key words before you attempt the games and puzzles.

If you cannot remember the log-in and password details (which have been displayed in your classroom since the start of the year!), send an email to the school and we'll give you the log-in and password.

Pupils who have their French books with them should follow the advice by yeargroup:

S1 Review the work on numbers 1-31, colours, countries and ages/birthday dates.

S2 You are about to be doing the end of book assessment  and so are to use the Module 5/6 vocabulary sheets for revision. Be sure you complete the Bilan/checklist for each sheet.

S3 pupils who have the Métro pour l'Écosse  book with them should review the vocabulary for Booking into a hotel on pages 98/99, then do exercises 1, 2 and 3 form pages 100/101.

S4 pupils who have not yet performed their Speaking prelim should work on that.

S5/6 pupils should use the CD rom of the Atouts book and do any listening activities from the first 2 modules.


English - Mr Edwards

5C - should be working on Close Reading skills (they have a NAB on Monday! Joy!). The best way to approach this from home would be to have a go at some of the past paper questions on the SQA website - click here.

4A and 4B - They should be preparing Talks on their recent Work Experience.