The Business unit incorporates the following topics:

1. What is Business?
Understanding the difference between needs and wants. Differentiating between a variety of organisations to show if they provide goods or a service.

2. How Business is Organised
Understanding of the role of each of the 3 sectors of industry – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and how that has changed in Scotland.

3. International Trade
Understand why international trade exists by identifying its advantages and disadvantages to Scotland. Be able to identify what is an import and what is an export and research which countries Scotland trades with.

4. Ethical Business
Is business fair? Identify the practices that may be disadvantageous to certain countries. Research the organisations that try to ensure trade is fair for all involved.

5. Inside the business - Marketing

  • Pupils understand the role of market segmentation in ensuring it targets the consumer effectively.
  • Understanding of “Branding” and the benefits it can bring to a business.
  • Understanding the role of market research and different methods undertaken by different business organisations.
  • Advertising and promotion – what is it and what its purpose is.

6. Inside the business - Planning
Pupils will understand the benefits of preparing a business plan and its purpose and what information should be included. Areas covered include Business Idea, Location, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.


Pupils will be asked to:

  • Share learning intentions and success criteria
  • Discuss ideas and concepts related to business education
  • Research business topics in order to report back to the class
  • Work as part of small groups, aiding discussion during the course
  • Show self-awareness as a learner, writing about achievements in learning
  • Use ICT skills to document findings