I Am What I Eat

This unit incorporates the following topics:

A Practical Experiment to increase pupils understanding of the concept of calories, including;

  • Their use in the Body
  • How they can be measured
  • Identification of high calorie and low calorie foods

Investigation of the role of Hydration in bodily function and physical activity

A Practical Experiment to investigate the link between physical activity and calorie expenditure, and how this relates to body weight and obesity


Pupils will be asked to:

  • Share learning intentions and success criteria
  • Discuss ideas and concepts related to physical activity, food, and energy.
  • Research and complete a group project to document learning.
  • Take part in, and reflect on a variety of activities linked with physical activity and nutrition.
  • Show self-awareness as a learner, writing about achievements in learning.
  • Use ICT skills to document findings