Substance Misuse

Aims of the unit:

  • To learn the basic facts about commonly used substances: physical and mental effects, categories of drugs and the legal consequences if drug and alcohol use
  • To look at the effects of substance misuse on the user, friends and family, the community and nationally.
  • To realise the power of peer pressure and learn some techniques in resisting

Week 1 Activities

  • Beach Ball Boogaloo
  • Flip chart Circus
  • Create substance information sheet
  • Share findings

Week 2 Activities

  • Beach Ball Boogaloo
  • Watch Buzzin’ DVD about solvents
  • Complete worksheets on DVD.
  • Speed dating opinion poll
  • Analyse the lyrics of the song The A Team by Ed Sheerin charting a young girls drug addiction and the effect it has had on her life

Week 3 Activities

  • Visit to the local police station/ from a local drugs worker.
  • Project work using cuttings from the local press
  • Statisitical analysis of smoking, drug and alcohol use in 13 and 15 year olds in Scotland using recent government reports.

Week 4 Activities
Complete projects and present to the rest of the class summing up the effects of substance misuse in our community and providing ideas for solutions to the problem.

Week 5 Activities

  • Class assessment – How Much Do You Know?
  • How to say “no” and mean it!
  • Role Play