Sex and Relationships

This unit lasts 4-5 weeks looking at the following aspects:

Week 1
Revision of puberty and naming the different body parts. Pupils take part in an activity that looks at the language used, and appropriate language in different situations. Sanitary products are looked and discussed as well as Periods in more details. The final activity this week is extremely important looking at attitudes to sex and relationships. This activity involves pupils discussing their views on abortion, homosexuality, different relationships, attitudes to others with differing views etc. The main teaching point for this activity is to encourage pupils to think about their own values and those of their families and consider what influences them to make decisions.

Week 2
This week looks forward to pupils futures and asks them to consider what they think is appropriate with regards to their own sexual conduct. A BBC video drama looking at ‘First Sex’ is shown and discussed. “Assertive Communication” exercises are carried out and finally pupils consider the variety of different relationships they are involved in and what constitutes good behaviour in these relationships.

Week 3
This week is spent looking at sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Pupils are taught about the different infections and the various dangers they hold for their futures. Contraception is discussed in brief detail, mainly with regards to keeping safe from STIs as well as preventing pregnancy. A BBC video is shown and discussion involves local places to seek help and advice.

Week 4/5
These final weeks involve a variety of activities, some dependent on the work of the class in previous weeks, i.e. we try to respond to pupil/ class need. The Body Story is a Channel 4 programme which we use to give pupils a greater understanding of the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Parenting skills and parental qualities are looked at and considered in the context of the pupils present lives! Self-esteem resources are often used and finally the pupils are given the opportunity to put anonymous questions into a question box for the teacher to answer.