Enterprise and Employability

Enterprise Unit:

This unit involves pupils working through a project based on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Working in groups pupils are given a training camp to run as a business for the Games. This exercise is spread over 5 lessons and by the end pupils will have demonstrated and developed a range of enterprising skills in a variety of situations using a variety of software.

Enterprising Skills developed include:

  • Innovation and Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Capabilities
  • Economic and Business Understanding
  • A ‘can do’ attitude
  • Drive to make ideas happen

Pupils will demonstrate:

  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving and Higher Order Thinking
  • Understanding of other individuals skill sets
  • Understanding of Business Values and apply them
  • Presentation Skills.

Week 1
Pupils discuss the Olympic and Paralympic games in terms of what they are, what it has meant for Britain and how it impacts on the British economy and business. Pupils are put in to groups and given an Olympic Training Camp to run. In their groups pupils are given a range of job roles which they must split accordingly between themselves. Pupils then complete a range of tasks designed to get them using their enterprising skills in the group setting. How pupils go about completing the tasks is left up to them whether done individually or as a whole group. A series of problem scenarios are given to them which they must also make effective decisions about as a group. On completion of tasks pupils are to create Mood Boards which cover all the facets of their business.

Week 2
Pupils to create marketing materials to be used in their presentations when pitching their training camp to prospective Olympic and Paralympic teams. Pupils are also expected to prepare their group presentations in which all members are to take part. This must be thoroughly planned out as they will be given a time limit. Groups must also come up with answers to possible questions they may be asked from the teams they are pitching to.

Week 3
Presentation of their companies to a panel. Each team are given 3 minutes to pitch their Training Camp to win a contract for an Olympic/Paralympic team to train at their venue. They must also answer a series of questions that are put to them. Feedback is given to each group on how they performed and a winner is chosen. Pupils then complete evaluations on how they performed and the skills they have gained/developed.


Employability Unit

This unit looks at the various skills that are needed in terms of employability after school. It goes through what companies are looking for from prospective employees and the various skills and experiences that it is important to have and show before embarking on a career. This will link in with the Enterprise Unit, where they have built on various crucial enterprising skills.



Pupils will be asked to:

  • Share learning intentions and success criteria
  • Discuss ideas and concepts related to enterprise and employability
  • Conduct research and present finding s to the class
  • Work as part of a group, aiding discussion during the course
  • Show self-awareness as a learner, completing an evaluation sheet
  • Graded on each task completed and given feedback on their scores