December 2020

Published: 16 December 2020

If any family would like to make an appointment for the S5 and S6 Parents Evening on the 11th January to discuss support in general or SQA Alternative Assessment Arrangements then please contact Dr Lyon in the school on or alternatively ask your young person to email or see Dr Lyon in school.

Published: 15 December 2020

To celebrate the festive season this year we invite all pupils to wear a Christmas jumper or something festive on Tuesday 22 December 2020 as it is the last day of term. 

If you don't have a Christmas jumper then good ways to Christmasify your look include:

  • Tinsel
  • Santa hats
  • Christmas lights
  • Bells
  • Festive colours (red/green)

We hope to see some fun and creative outfits :)


Published: 14 December 2020

Anyone looking for part-time or full-time work, including short-term work over the Christmas period, please see the attached flyer for current vacancies.

For further information, please speak to Mr Flood.

East Lothian Works Vacancy Newsletter 14/12/2020

Published: 11 December 2020

Can all pupils involved be aware that the Girls+ Computing Club will be moved to Tuesday lunchtime this week due to an event in Computing on the Thursday.

This is our last meet of the session so it would be good to see as many of you there as possible! 

Published: 10 December 2020

Jerba Campervans Ltd have an exciting opportunity for someone who is interested in becoming an Apprentice Finishing Carpenter and Conversion Fitter. If interested, please speak to Mr Tait, Mr Flood or your Pupil Support Leader.

Published: 10 December 2020

The Electoral Commission have put together a range of resources for 14 to 18 year olds about voting.  This is particularly relevant for next year’s Scottish Parliament election when 16 and 17 year olds can vote.

Politics impacts everything around you. From how long you stay in education, to the rules of renting, from 5G availability, to how often your bin is collected.

To make a change in your community and society, you need to do your bit for democracy. One way to get involved is by voting in elections, so you help to choose who represents you and makes decisions on your behalf. 

Right now, more people can vote in Scotland and Wales than ever before. It doesn’t matter where you were born or what your nationality is, as long as you are resident in Scotland or Wales, you can vote in some elections when you turn 16.

Published: 10 December 2020

The University of Glasgow are holding an online information session exploring their Software Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) BSc degree. You will hear from lecturers, employer partners and graduate apprentices already on the programme. Representatives from Barclays, BBC and Student Loans Company will be on the panel.

The event will run at 1630 on Thursday 10th December. Find out more and sign up here.

Published: 10 December 2020

Medic Mentor have just launched Allied Healthcare Mentor to support aspiring healthcare students with work experience opportunities during the pandemic. See below for a list of careers supported. You can learn more and register for the programme here. Speak to Mr Flood or your Pupil Support Leader for more information.

Occupational Therapists
Art, drama and music therapists
Operating Department Practitioners
Prosthetists and orthotics
Speech and language therapists

Published: 03 December 2020

There will be a new computing club in Mr McSwan’s room on Tuesday lunchtime. The club will teach you how to code, build and design computers, and delve into ethical hacking. If you want to join you can email Rhys Walker ( or Thomas Colliar ( or come along on Tuesday. Everyone is welcome.

Published: 01 December 2020

EDF Energy offers an Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeship. This is a four-year programme focusing on the skills required to maintain power stations. As you learn and develop, you'll take home a salary and have access to company benefits. If you do well, there is a good chance of a permanent job for you at the end of it.

This is a great opportunity. Applications are open 25th November 2020 - 6th January 2021. If you are interested, talk to your PSL or Mr Flood, or visit EDF's website.